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First blog post!

I came home from work today, and collapsed onto my bed for a nap. My cat Ghost crawled onto my back to nap with me. She is the cutest most affectionate pet ever.

You know what sucks? There is a masquerade Christmas party coming up for work. I love the idea of a masquerade! It would freaking cool if there was like ball room dancing and classical music. From my bosses description  however, a modern day masquerade party has guys wearing halo-ween masks and girls in clubbing dresses. For this particular event it is 'smart casual'. So it won't be decorative and elegant. I also don't talk to anyone at work, really, so the appeal of discovering who's under the mask is gone.

I should really use this as a chance to try and talk to someone and push myself out of my comfort zone. Maybe wearing a mask will give me freakish courage to talk to one of my colleague's from a different department. Because if they wont recognize me later, and I can make a fool of myself and I wont be remembered, ha ha! I don't think that will cut it, really. Even when I'm drunk I don't open up to people, stupid over active defense mechanisms.

I have no idea how to approach this,  I definitely don't want to build myself up to have a good time when I'm most likely going to be silent, and will refuse to dance or eat (because I'll get self conscious eating in front of a large group of people! :I)

At least I will have a Phantom of the Opera mask - that nobody will recognize - but that's okay because I'll know that it's a cool musical reference! (Fist bump, self, props to you!) I'll silently search the party for a woman named Christine and serenade her. If she asks, I'll call myself ~the angel of music~ and laugh manically. (See this is why I don't talk to people. I don't think my sense of humor is widely appreciated, ha ha.)

We'll see how it goes this week.

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